Hi! I'm Jennifer Jessica Wairimu Mwangi. I was born and raised in Ridgewood, New Jersey and I've been interested in creative design since I can remember. I come from a colorful background of a single mother, two older brothers, video games, and a love for adventure that fondly seeps into my work.

I’m passionate about logo design, packaging, and branding, and I’m looking forward to flexing my UI/UX abilities as well! I look forward to new projects and problems to solve. I thrive in fast paced atmospheres with friendly, creative, and open people.

My personal branding includes a little fuzzball named a Foozie poof. Due to my gravity defying hair at a young age, I was dubbed Fuzzy but the nickname eventually turned into Fooz. I'm quite fond of it and have created my little poofball in homage to my nickname.

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